North Lake Como is the ideal place for hikers. It offers numerous hiking trails of all difficulty levels where visitors can enjoy an unforgettable experience with breath-taking views. You can venture along the paths leading to the majestic peaks, take a walk through unspoilt nature or stroll along the lake or ancient trails and roads.
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A Balcony over the Pian di Spagna

Sorico up to 500 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

A lovely walk on the first slopes of monte Berlinghera. The first part follows the steps of Saint Miro, the venerat [...]

Tour round Monte Peschiera

Sorico up to 500 m over 10 Km 2-4 hours

The monte Peschiera, above Albonico adds to the natural beauty of the area with a lovely pond surrounded by chestnu [...]

Appointment with the Saint - From Dascio to S. Fedelino

Sorico up to 500 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

Very pretty historic and scenic walk. Leaving Lake Como along a section of the ancient Via Regina you arrive at the [...]

Verceia Horse track

Verceia up to 500 m up to 5 Km 1-2 hours

The “Strada dei Cavalli” (horse track), until 1834, was the only muletrack which connected by land the [...]

Ancient muletracks

Gera Lario | Montemezzo | Sorico 500-1000 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

This route goes along the ancient mule tracks in the woods of the ancient Pieve of Sorico - it connects Sorico with [...]

Along the Via Regina

Domaso | Gera Lario | Trezzone | Vercana up to 500 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

Excursion along some of the Via Regina road from Gera Lario to Domaso, passing Vercana and Trezzone, with lovely vi [...]

Walking on Sasso Pelo

Domaso | Gravedona ed Uniti | Livo | Peglio 500-1000 m over 10 Km over 4 hours

The monte Sasso Pelo towers over Domaso and Gravedona ed Uniti; on the slopes there are many villages which lived f [...]

The tour round eight churches

Gravedona ed Uniti | Peglio up to 500 m over 10 Km 2-4 hours

The side of the lake above Gravedona ed Uniti is noted for the many religious buildings, some are simple and humble [...]

Follow the Madman from Brenzio's Steps

Gravedona ed Uniti | Stazzona up to 500 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

Lovely walk on the first ridge of the Cortafon mountain, with many panoramic views over the Dongo plain, over the V [...]

At the foot of the Albano Valley

Dongo | Stazzona up to 500 m | 500-1000 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

The valley created by the Albano stream goes laterally from lake Como and is a connection from Italy to Switzerland [...]