Lake Como and the surrounding territory offer unique locations for those who love fishing. You can fish in complete tranquillity in the waters of the Lario, while enjoying the breath-taking views immersed in nature on the banks of Lake Mezzola and the “Briantei” lakes. Or you can go fishing in the crystal clear waters of the Alpine lakes and streams that flow down from the peaks. However, if you want something easier and more relaxing, the artificial basins are for you.
A fishing licence is needed to fish in Lake Como and in the lakes and rivers around the Lario. However, no special permits are needed if you choose to fish in the artificial reservoirs. 

Download the guidelines about fishing in Lake Como in 2024

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Are you ready for a unique and exciting fishing adventure? Whether you’re a novice or an experienced angler, you can indulge in this rewarding pursuit accompanied by a licensed guide. Delve into the world of trout and grayling fishing on the Adda River (Valtellina) and Mera River (Valchiavenna), set amidst breathtaking scenery just a stone’s throw away from Alto Lago di Como (North Lake Como).
Discover the professional guides who will provide you with all the knowledge and assistance you need to make the most of your fishing experience.
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Enjoy a pleasant and unforgettable day on Lake Como aboard a fishing boat. Franco, an experienced and qualified fisherman, will accompany you on his boat to fish for large predatory fish found in Lake Como, such as pike, zander and the mythical perch. If you choose to keep your catch, Franco will clean and perhaps even prepare fillets for you directly on the boat.
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