On holiday with your dog

On holiday with your dog

In the Alto Lago di Como you can spend a pleasant holiday with your four-legged friend. Many hotels, campsites and residences will be happy to welcome both of you. There are various paths where you can take your dog for a walk, for example, along the beautiful bike paths by the lake or in the Nature Reserve of Pian di Spagna (don’t forget a leash and poop bags).

If you want to visit the lush gardens of the villas of Lake Como (Villa Carlotta, Villa Balbianello, Villa Monastero, Villa Cipressi, Villa Melzi, Villa Olmo), you can easily access with your beloved dog (only in the gardens) as long as you have a leash and poop bags. Small dogs are also allowed inside Villa Balbianello, provided that they are held or kept in an appropriate carrier during the visit. At Villa Vigoni, dogs are accepted but must be kept in the reception area.
Dogs are also allowed in the Abbazia di Piona (Abbey of Piona), except inside the church and sacred buildings, and in the Fort Fuentes, as long as you have a leash and poop bags.

If you decide to travel with your dog, here are the rules regarding taking pets on public transport.

Dogs can be boarded under the responsibility of their owners or holders. The owner or holder shall use a fixed leash of max 1,5 mt in length and shall bring with him a muzzle (rigid or flexible). The Captain, or one of his officer composing the crew, can ask to the owner or holder to muzzle the dog in case of safety risks for other passengers, animals or objects. The embarking of dogs could anyway be limited or excluded at the discretion of the Captain, in case of great crush on the boat or in the event that the transportation would compromise the safeness of any other passenger.
The small size dogs (height to withers less than 50 cm) can be boarded for free. Medium - large size (height to withers more than 50 cm) can be boarded with reduced fares 1.50 or 3.50, without extra charge on fast services. Guide-dogs and security forces' or rescue trained dogs, in service, are completely free of charge and have no limitations. To have information about subscriptions and other animals' transport conditions please ask to the ticket offices.

Every traveller with a travel document can bring a small dog with a leash and muzzle or another pet, as long as it is enclosed in a proper pet carrier, and in any case, upon purchase of a valid travel document. While travelling, the animal must be kept on a lead, carried in arms next to the person accompanying it (never on the seat) and must not disturb the other passengers: if this happens, the animal will be removed from the bus and the traveller will not be able to request a ticket refund.
Transportation of animals may be refused if the bus is reaching capacity. Guide dogs  for the blind are always allowed on board, and can travel free of charge, unless the blind person is assisted by a carer with a free travel pass.

STPS (Public Transport Company)
The transport of animals is allowed provided that they have the appropriate equipment (muzzle, cage, carrier, etc.) which do not make them aggressive or dangerous. Guide dogs for the blind can travel free of charge. Dogs and other small pets can travel free of charge if carried in arms or in cages or protected containers measuring no more than 55x40x20 cm; larger dogs can travel upon purchase of a € 1.60 ticket for animals accompanying passengers with a white ticket, and € 1.90 for animals accompanying passengers with tickets of a different colour (not white).

Transport of small pets in 1st and 2nd class, kept in a special carrier (maximum 1 per person) no larger than 70x30x50 cm and in no danger of causing injury or damage to passengers and the carriage, is free of charge. The transport of dogs is permitted only if in possession of a muzzle, leash and dog registration certificate. For each pet, the cost of the ticket is equal to 50% of an ordinary single ticket (if the pet-owner is a pass holder, the supplement is calculated on the basis of the price of a single ticket and its route).Transport of pets of any kind is not permitted on weekdays (Monday-Friday) between 7.00-9.30 am and 5.30-7.30 pm. This excludes guide dogs accompanying the blind, which may travel at any time.

small dogs up to 30 cm high at the top of their shoulder blades can travel with you free of charge as carriage hand luggage provided they are in a carrier, basket or other suitable container. 
Dogs of any size travelling in passenger carriages or luggage vans must always pay second-class half fare or the stipulated minimum fare (1-day travelpass for dogs, GA travelcard for dogs) if there is one.

Dogs are allowed on board only if they are on a lead and muzzled. For fares, please consult the websites of the various lifts in the area (see “How to Get Around”).

If you want to go to the beach and have fun with your beloved dog, the Dog-Beach is located in Dervio (Locality Foppa) and the Bau Bau Beach Malpensata is located in Perledo, just outside Varenna. These beaches are reserved for dogs, and allow them to roam freely without a muzzle and leash, however always under the supervision of their owner; a gate prevents the dogs from running onto the road.

If necessary, you can contact one of the local vets who will take care of your four-legged friend.
> Galperti Corrado: Via Parravicini n° 6, Colico - Tel: +39 0341 930716
> Petruzzellis Francesco:  Via Campiedi n° 1, Dongo - Tel: +39 0344 82165
> Cerati Pisoni Rita: Via Lusardi n° 68, Menaggio - Tel: +39 0344 32990

Here the pet shops of the area:
> Animalia Snc: Via Scannagatta n° 2, Dongo - Tel: +39 0344 82793