Alto Lago di Como - Bike & Mountain outdoor experience

Alto Lago di Como - Bike & Mountain outdoor experience

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Alto Lago di Como - Bike & Mountain outdoor experience

A veritable network of cycle paths has emerged in the upper Lake Como area. 380 kilometres of routes dedicated to bike lovers spread across the western side of North Lake Como and Valsassina. 

There are 23 routes in the two main areas: 2 routes for beginners, 10 intermediate routes, 8 advanced routes and 3 routes for experts. Along the routes there are many viewpoints to admire Lake Como, a land of infinite beauty. 

North Lake Como Itineraries
There are 8 new mid-level and high-level routes, totaling 134 km in length. From Sorico, passing through Montemezzo, Vercana, Trezzone, Livo, Peglio, Dosso del Liro, Gravedona ed Uniti, Stazzona, Dongo, Garzeno, Musso, Pianello del Lario up to Cremia.
- L1: Sorico-Albonico-Dascio - Intermediate
- L2: Porto di Gera Lario-San Bartolomeo-Monti di Vercana - Advanced
- L3: Domaso-Pighè-Domaso - Intermediate
- L4: Gravedona-Dosso-Peglio - Advanced
- L5: Anello Gravedona-Caiasco - Advanced
- L6: Anello Stazzona-Giovo-Jorio - Advanced
- L7: Anello Bocchetta di San Bernardo-Zeda-Garzeno - Expert
- L8: Dongo-Pianello-Curtesela-Tegano - Advanced

Valsassina itineraries
There are 15 itineraries that allow you to ascend from the lake towards Valsassina and Valvarrone: there are trails to enhance Monte Legnoncino, loop circuits in Alta Valsassina, connections with the Valsassina cycle path and routes in Val d’Esino.
- 1V: Vetta Legnoncino - Advanced
- 2V: Piani delle Betulle-Cresta di Biandino - Intermediate
- 3V: Premana-Laghitt - Advanced
- 4V: Premana-Bocchetta di Stavello - Expert
- 5V: Tremenico-Colico - Advanced
- 6V: Ciclopedonale Valsassina - Beginners
- 7V: Taceno-Linate-Presallo - Intermediate
- 8V: Parlasco-Esino - Intermediate
- 9V: Anello Esino-Cainallo-Ortanella - Intermediate
- 10V: Ciclopedonale Dervio - Beginners
- 11V: Betulle-Ombrega - Intermediate
- 12V: Dervio-Premana - Intermediate
- 13V: Varenna-Esino Lario-Varenna - Expert
- 14V: Bellano-Camaggiore - Intermediate
- 15V: Bellano-Alpe Chiaro - Intermediate

What are internal areas and the 'Upper Lake Como and Valli del Lario' strategy?
The "North Lake Como and Valli del Lario" Area Strategy was launched in 2018 as part of the National Strategy for Internal Areas 2014/2020. It involved 31 municipalities in the Valsassina, Valvarrone, Val d'Esino, and Riviera (Lecco) communities and the Valli del Lario and Ceresio communities (Como). The National Strategy for Internal Areas (SNAI) is a strategic plan designed to enhance and develop internal areas, which are often characterized by challenges such as depopulation, lack of services, and fewer economic opportunities. The goal is to promote the sustainable development of these areas by investing in infrastructure, services, the local economy, and the preservation of cultural and natural resources. The "Upper Lake Como and Valli del Lario" Area Strategy, implemented in the period 2018/2023, has made it possible to implement 31 projects for a total of 20 million euros, of which 5.285.000 euros were used to promote interventions to recover and enhance the heritage and to strengthen the cycle and hiking routes between the lake and the valleys.

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