Tour round Monte Peschiera

Tour round Monte Peschiera

Sorico up to 500 m over 10 Km 2-4 hours

The monte Peschiera, above Albonico adds to the natural beauty of the area with a lovely pond surrounded by chestnuts, firs and beech trees. On the Brentalone hillock, towards the Mezzola lake you can see the excavations in the rocks from the first world war.

Leaving from the S. Biagio church at Dascio, go onto via Bruga (signposted “Sasso di Dascio / Albonico / S. Fedelino”); after a few metres, by the house N°14, go right onto the pathway (1) that goes to the right onto the Muletrack on the ancient via Regina (signposted “Albonico / Stagni di Peschiera / S. Fedelino”).
Leaving the last houses behind you quickly arrive at the Sasso di Dascio, a rocky outcrop with panoramic views over the Pian di Spagna. At the cross roads after approx 600 m (2) go left uphill on the asphalted road (signposted “Albonico / Stagni di Peschiera / Brentalone”) until a bend (signpost “via Brienz”); leave the asphalted road to follow on the right the Muletrack that goes over two small streams and then goes immediately left.
The track comes out onto the Albonico village road, by the side of the small cemetery (3); go left on the asphalted road and at the cross roads go right uphill (signposted MTB “Stagni di Peschiera / Brentalone”).
On the walk you go over two streams, the road goes on to be asphalted then pebbled and cemented: a series of bends takes you quickly uphill to reach a clearing (4).
At the junction go left (signposted MTB “Stagni di Peschiera”); the chestnut woods quickly change into beech and then after some ruins into a thick pine woods which lie on the left hand side of the Peschiera ponds.
Arriving at the signposted flat clearing (5), you can go left for a few metres to go to the base of a rough uphill track to an electricity pylon for a wonderful panorama over the whole of the Valchiavenna.
The Monte Peschiera is not polluted (apart from the electrical lines...), the rocky sunny formation is a wonderful environment for Lizards and birds of prey: in the pond there are fish and amphibiants, while in the canes there are several couples of Mallard ducks.
The walk goes back the same away until you get to the clearing (4); at the cross roads turn left up hill (signposted MTB “Brentalone”) to go around to the other side of the monte Peschiera, where you can meet some houses which have been recently restructured and an abandoned granite quarry. At the Dosso del Brentalone (6), near the RAI antenna, you notice on the left hand side there are tunnels carved into the rock, these are a series of small tunnels, some sadly now have collapsed, there were part of the “linea Cadorna”, the important defensive system built during the First World War to protect the northern frontier of the Italian State.
The Brentalone tunnels were used by the soldiers for shelter, warehouse and observation point to control the Chiavenna valley.
The “roccione” to the right hand side of the antenna is a wonderful view point over the Mezzola lake.
Come back again to the clearing (4) on the same road and go downhill; over the stream (7) go left (signposted MTB “Albonico / Dascio / Sorico”) and follow the footpath parallel to the waterway going into Albonico.
When you get to the asphalt road you go along the via per Albonico, you pass by the side of the small S. Sebastiano church and at the stop go right onto via Scepa. When you get to the cemetery (3), leave the asphalt road going left onto the footpath downhill (signposted “Dascio / Sorico”); from here you go back to Dascio on the same track as before.

(by "Associazione Pedaleggiando")


Starting point Dascio - SORICO
Arrival point Dascio - SORICO
Minimum altitude 208 m
Maximum altitude 625 m
Length 11 Km
Duration 4h
Difficulty Medium difficulty
Recommended period All year round

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