Comacina Island

Comacina Island

The Comacina is the only Island of Lake Como and it is considered one of the most impressive archaeological sites in northern Italy of the Middle Ages. It comprises a total area of 6 hectares, mostly covered by lush Mediterranean vegetation.
The island played an important role in the history of Como, from the Roman period to the early Middle Ages; It was a political fulcrum (oppidum militare) and one of the most important religious centres of the diocese of Como. In 1169 Comacina was razed to the ground by the Comaschi and by Barbarossa; nothing more was rebuilt for centuries.
In the XXth century the Island has regained its past glory thanks to the building of three houses for artists and through the archaeological excavations conducted by scholars Monneret de Villard and Belloni. The impressive archeological site features many architectural remains mostly Christian and early Medieval. Amazing monuments are the Church of St. John, built on top of the remains of old religious buildings, the twin Apse Baptismal Hall, the ruins of the Basilica of St. Euphemia and the complex of SS. Faustino and Jovita.
In Ossuccio, near the romanesque Church of St. Mary Magdalene, is possible to visit the Antiquarium, the archaeological museum where are located more than 200 archaeological finds coming from the Island and the lake. The Antiquarium is also the starting point for visiting the island.

The Comacina Island is reachable by the Lake Como Public Navigation Company, which allows to land directly on the island from the main villages, or by taxi-boat from Ossuccio, near the Church of St. Mary Magdalene (runs every 30 min.). The island is also reachable by private boat.

Antiquarium - Comacina Island

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