Monte Marnotto

Monte Marnotto

Dongo | Garzeno over 1000 m 2-4 hours

Dongo - Garzeno, diga di Regea (650m).

Leave the car near the dam (650m), cross Albano creek by hiking over the basin wall. Follow the track until its end, over the Mollen mountains (767m). Climb up the steep slopes leading to Zeda mountains (1093m) and then to Alpe Marnotto (1614m). From here turn slightly to SW, direction to the pass (depending on the conditions, it may be necessary to take off the skis). Go over the pass and following the ridge towards SE, then you reach the top (2094m).
The descend follows the same route. 

Check the weather forecast before starting your skiing.
Take with you the avalanche safety equipment: shovel, transceiver and probe. If you don’t know how to use them ask to the Mountain Guides.


Starting point Diga di Regea (650 m)
Arrival point Monte Marnotto (2094 m)
Height difference 1440 m
Duration 4h
Difficulty Average skier
Orientation North