A Balcony over the Pian di Spagna

A Balcony over the Pian di Spagna

Sorico up to 500 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

A lovely walk on the first slopes of monte Berlinghera. The first part follows the steps of Saint Miro, the venerated Hermit in the Alto lario due to his ability to bring rain to the area in times of drought. On the route there are many panoramic views, above all there is the “Sasso di Dascio”, wonderful observation point over the Pian di Spagna nature Reserve and the Mezzola lake.

Leave from Piazza C. Battisti di Sorico (1), in front of the town hall. Go across the road and follow round to the right uphill onto the red asphalt road parallel to the State road (signposted “Chiesa di S. Miro / Dascio / Via dei Monti Lariani”); go across the little foot bridge over the Sorico stream and then turn left onto the cobbles of the via Antica Regina.
Once you have gone over the second bridge over the San Miro stream, go left onto the muletrack that leads up to the Sorico tower (2) and on the left, towards the woods, by the tower, protected by a large bolder is the grotto where San Miro died. Carry on up the track to arrive up to the San Miro fountain, an elegant building built in 1598 on the orders of the Bishop of Como Filippo Archinti to protect the water trough containing the perennial spring which was created according to legend by the Sainted Hermit himself.
One last climb and there is the porch and small cemetery before the Santuary of San Miro, a site which has a stupendous view over the first part of Lake Como.
The church is usually closed; if you do find it open it is worth viewing the decorations, frescos from the. XV-XVI centuries, a church bell signed by Sigismondo de Magistris (1526), the seventeenth century stucco of the high altar and an altarpiece by Fiammenghino (1616).
Walk along the Muletrack behind the church; there is a track uphill leads to Corzone where, by the abandoned houses, there is a carved stone which was used as a press for grapes. Now the track leads slightly downhill (signposted “Dascio / Albonico / S. Fedelino”) that leads to the hamlet of Masina (3), where the track comes onto the local road for Albonico.
At this point you can choose to either go back immediately to Sorico or continue on towards the Sasso di Dascio - Dascio Stone. In the first case go right down the asphalt road, after a few bends there is a muletrack on the right (signposted MTB “Sorico”) that, finishing the circular tour comes out under the Sorico tower.
If you want to go on towards Dascio, when you get to the Masina hamlet continue straight on the asphalt road up to the Prati Meriggi; on the right you can see the strange electrical tower: after the tower go another 10 meters or so and then turn right, leaving the asphalt road to go into the (4) muletracks (signposted “Dascio / Albonico / S. Fedelino”) that arrives, after 1,5 km, at Dascio on the corner of via Bruga (5).
At the stop sign go left, when the asphalt stops the muletrack starts again which goes away from the houses (signposted “Albonico / Stagni di Peschiera / S. Fedelino”) that brings you to the sasso di Dascio (6). A small chapel erected by the Alpine forces, a fountain, benches and an info board help you to learn about the place and aid your well earned rest.
The Muletrack carries on towards Albonico and San Fedelino; however we turn back going back along the road under the group of houses with a unusual doorway (maybe it was the entrance to a locanda). When you arrive in front of the fountain (signposted “Dascio”) turn left (7) onto a path that, passing between the houses and vinyards, arrives at the S. Biagio church.
Before returning to Sorico you can have a lovely walk along the Mera river in front of the canes of the Pian di Spagna reserve and stop in one of the two restaurants to sample the typical fish dishes. From the Dascio church (8) walk along asphalted via Bruga until the corner (5), then go back onto the Muletrack taken before (signposted MTB “Sorico”) and after 1 km, go left (signposted “Ponte del Passo / Sorico”) on the track (9) which brings you down to the Ponte del Passo. At the stop sign go across the main road to go right onto the cycle walk track (10) that goes along the side of the Mera river.
Go ahead for approx 2 kms under the end of the rough road, then turn left in via don A. Pasini (signposted MTB “Domaso / Gravedona / Dongo”); after the cemetery (11) go left again, go over the little bridge over the Sorico river to come back to Piazza C. Battisti.

(by "Associazione Pedaleggiando")


Starting point Cesare Battisti Square - SORICO
Arrival point Cesare Battisti Square - SORICO
Minimum altitude 215 m
Maximum altitude 350 m
Length 9,5 Km
Duration 3h
Difficulty Easy
Recommended period All year round

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