Appointment with the Saint - From Dascio to S. Fedelino

Appointment with the Saint - From Dascio to S. Fedelino

Sorico up to 500 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

Very pretty historic and scenic walk. Leaving Lake Como along a section of the ancient Via Regina you arrive at the Monte Peschiera, at the bottom of this mountain there is the Romanic temple of S. Fedelino (X century) one of the first examples of Romanic art in Lombardy. The return to Dascio can be done by boat weaving around the wild shore of the Mezzola Lake.

Leaving from the S. Biagio church at Dascio, go onto via Bruga (signposted “Sasso di Dascio / Albonico / S. Fedelino”); after a few meters by the house no. 14, go right onto the footpath (1) that goes onto the right onto the Muletrack onto the ancient via Regina (signposted “Albonico / Stagni di Peschiera / S. Fedelino”). Passing the last houses you arrive quickly at the Sasso di Dascio (2),a rocky outcrop with a panoramic view over the Pian di Spagna. At the junction, after about 600 m, (3) continue right (signposted “S. Fedelino”) to arrive at the “case Borzi”.
At the bottom of the clearing the road becomes a footpath that goes between the rocks until the narrow valley of the Acqua Bianca, (white water) passing over this stream on the characteristic “Valene bridge” (4).
Now there is a steep uphill section that brings you to a sharp left hand curve and to some ruins of antique houses. follow the flat track dotted with ruins of old farm buildings. There are a few electricity and telephone poles before a brief part in which the footpath seems to disappear into the vegetation, then you meet a downhill section of the footpath with stone walls either side. Another short downhill section brings you out at the “Acqua Marcia stream” (5), go over the wooden bridge; a series of steps and a wide track bring you out to a plateau.
The footpath passes between the remains of an old quarry (there are many half hewn blocks of granite along the road) and rises alongide a rocky ridge, all around there are small mediterranean bushes. A steep rise on the remains of another quarry and the footpath brings you out on the dosso del Brentaletto (6), the highest point on the route. Some cement steps show where the descent starts (take care going down here) that brings you, with a zigzag route signposted with white red flags, to a junction (7) with a sign pole.
Go around to the right (signposted “Belvedere / S. Fedelino variante EE”) towards l’Alpe di Teolo and the amazing panoramic terrace (8) that overlooks the Pozzo di Madrone, a creek with sheer walls down to the lake. The footpath carries on towards S. Fedelino, but the descent is only for expert excursionists: we recommend that you go back to the junction with a signpost and follow the indications “S. Fedelino / Casenda / Via Francisca” (7); this goes by the side of a rocky ridge, going past some ruins, while the panorama opens out on the Chiavenna valley.
Go downhill carefully along some exposed parts until you arrive at the Scalone (9), a ramp of stairs which connects to the footpath running parallel to the Mera river. Go right following the signpost “S. Fedelino”, which you will reach in approx 15 minutes, going over the last outcrop of rock with a metal staircase (10).
Built on the site of the martyrdom of S. Fedele, the little temple (X century) it is still in its original form, made up of a square shaped room, with a protruding apse embellished by a window and three pairs of arches. The gabled roof is crowned by a pediment. The building does not have a facade as it is resting against the mountain. Entering through one of the two lateral doors, you immediately see fragments of some frescos; Pantocrator Christ flanked by two angels and the twelve Apostles. The church is open from April to October - saturday, Sunday and holidays, 2pm-4.30pm; For visits out of these times call +39 333 7807686 (Gianni).
A few more steps and you arrive at the lovely little beach where there is boat mooring.
To go back take the same route as before (maybe take the variation of the stone stairs near the church). Otherwise, if you organise in advance by calling +39 333 7807686 (Gianni) you can go back by boat with a lovely route round the lake back to the boat station of Dascio.

(by "Associazione Pedaleggiando")


Starting point Dascio - SORICO
Arrival point Dascio - SORICO
Minimum altitude 200 m
Maximum altitude 500 m
Length 6 Km (one way)
Duration 3h
Difficulty Medium difficulty
Recommended period All year round

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