Tour A in Pian di Spagna (Boschetto)

Tour A in Pian di Spagna (Boschetto)

Sorico up to 500 m up to 5 Km 1-2 hours

The starting point of this walk seems a bit dull however here, since the XV century, the village of Olonio lies here, now buried under the alluvial debris from the Adda and Mera rivers. Inhabited since Roman times, Olonio was an important commercial area, at its port there arrived via the lake goods from the flat area under the lake headed towards the alpine passes. The area was overlooked by a tower, called the ‘imperial fort’ of Barbarossa, which controlled the transit of boats and men. The church is dedicated to S. Stefano, whose remains have been found behind the new chapel and who was the head of a Pieve (religious area) which stretched from Gera Lario up to the Valgerola.
Exit from the carpark and go left and at the fork take the right hand via Boschetto, that runs level with the Mera river. Pass “Beccaccino” restaurant and go on for 200 m, then go left on the rough track (1) (signposted “Percorso Naturalistico Sud / Fabbrichetta / Foce Adda”) which goes into the wood. This strip of vegetation has grown on one of the old waterways of the Adda which joined the river with the Mera river by the Ponte del Passo bridge and flowed into the lake forming sand islands.
Follow the more visible rough track until the junction with the circular signpost (2) and from here go right until you reach the road that leads to Camper service. Go straight on the path that goes between the two fences to arrive at the beach at the “Punta”, panoramic viewpoint which is the extreme northern end of Lake Como.
Go back to the round signpost (2) and turn right to go onto the rough track via dell’Alberone, from which you can see all the large fields. Turn left to go along the straight road to the Fortino d’Adda (sec. XVII), ex spanish barracks for the Fuentes fort, now used as a stable. Go straight on the asphalt road and at the stop sign go left onto via Fabbrichetta (3) to close the circle and go back to the parking.

(by "Associazione Pedaleggiando")


Starting point Parking in Ponte del Passo - SORICO
Arrival point Parking in Ponte del Passo - SORICO
Height difference 10 m
Length 5 Km
Duration 2h
Difficulty Easy
Recommended period All year round

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