Monte Berlinghera

Monte Berlinghera

Gera Lario | Sorico 500-1000 m 5-10 Km 2-4 hours

How to get there
To reach San Bartolomeo by car: take the SS340 Regina state road until you reach Gera Lario. Turn right before the first bridge over the San Vincenzo stream (for those coming from Domaso, turn left after the bridge) following the signs for Bugiallo. After about 3 km uphill, turn right at the crossroads and continue along the narrow but paved road to San Bartolomeo (12 km from Gera Lario), where the church of the same name is found, and where you can park your car.

Considered one of the most beautiful panoramic balconies in the region, Monte Berlinghera (1.930 m a.s.l.) is part of the Lepontine Alps on the western coast of Lake Como and Lake Mezzola, on the border between the Province of Como and the Province of Sondrio. The hike to the top is pleasant and not too difficult, and the view from the top will literally take your breath away.

Take the path behind the Church of San Bartolomeo, following the sign for Sasso Canale and the route of the Alta Via Lariana. Go through the wood of firs, beech trees and oaks until you come to a dirt road. Follow this road until you arrive at a crossroads, where you leave the road and continue on the left following the signs. Once out of the wood, you will find the dirt road again that will lead you near the Alpe di Mezzo (1540 m), on the left, and the Alpe Pescedo (1560 m) on the right. Go straight towards the high-voltage pylon located in front of you and turn right following a small path that leads to the second electric pylon, that of Bocchetta di Chiaro (1666 m). From here, turn right and continue along a short, but rather difficult path through a wood of larches and firs that leads to the foresummit, where there is a cross. After about 10 minutes, you arrive at the top of Berlinghera, where you can see the remains of a chapel dedicated to the Alpine troops. There is a sensational view from the summit: Valchiavenna and Lake Mezzola with the Pian di Spagna to the north, the majestic Monte Legnone to the left, and Lake Como to the south with all the peaks surrounding it.  
Go back via the same path you came up on, if necessary following the dirt track to the Church of San Bartolomeo.

Rest stops
There are no refreshment points or refuges on the path leading to the summit. Although, there are a couple of restaurants and accommodation facilities before San Bartolomeo:
- Agriturismo Giacomino – Via Fordeccia 42, Sorico - +39 0344 84710/+39 333 1313313 – - Open from March to November
- Baita dal Vikingo – Via Fordeccia 30, Sorico - +39 0344 536048 – +39 331 5603746 (Marco) - - Open all year round

Check the weather forecast before starting your hike


Starting point Loc. San Bartolomeo - SORICO
Arrival point Monte Berlinghera
Maximum altitude 1930 m
Height difference 730 m
Length 6 Km
Duration 2h15 for the ascent, 1h45 for the descent
Difficulty Medium difficulty
Type of terrain Trail and marked path
Recommended period May-November

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