Passo San Jorio from Bocchetta di Germasino

Passo San Jorio from Bocchetta di Germasino

Dongo | Garzeno | Gravedona ed Uniti 500-1000 m over 10 Km 2-4 hours

How to get there
To get to Bocchetta di Germasino by car: take the SS340 Regina state road to Dongo. At the roundabout, take the SP5 Provincial road that leads to Stazzona, Germasino and Garzeno. Once in Garzeno, at the second bend take the detour to Sant’Anna and Bocchetta di Germasino. After passing Sant’Anna, continue until you reach Bocchetta di Germasino (also called Bocchetta di Sant'Anna) and park your car.

Already operating since Roman times, the Passo San Jorio (2,014 m a.s.l.) connects the Alto Lario to the Swiss Val Mesolcina. The road leading to the pass was an important communication route in past centuries, where goods in transit to Continental Europe and vice versa passed. The hike leads through the unspoilt Albano Valley, a unique area of biodiversity.

From Bocchetta di Germasino, walk along the main road, which is paved for the first 800 metres and then becomes a dirt road. Continue along the almost flat road into the woods. After about 3 kilometres you arrive at a crossroads with a sign indicating right for the Rifugio Mottafoiada  (1316 m, closed). Ignore it and continue straight following the signs for the Rifugio Giovo, San Jorio and Sommafiume .
The cart-road starts to climb slightly, and after a few sharp bends towards the crest of Motto di Paraone you come out of the woods. With an almost flat stretch, after about 9 kilometres from Bocchetta di Germasino, you arrive at a grassy saddle between Val Albano and San Jorio, where the Rifugio Il Giovo (1714 m, closed) is located.
Leaving the refuge behind you, continue down the dirt road until you reach a crossroads, take the road on the right, following the directions for the Rifugio San Jorio . The road alternates between dirt and paved stretches and gentle climbs; along the way you will see some panels with information on the Valle Albano Park. After crossing a few streams and a couple of final bends, in about 50 minutes from the Rifugio Il Giovo  you arrive at the Rifugio San Jorio  (1980 m), former barracks of the Italian Finance Police. Leave the refuge on the left and continue along the steep dirt path that leads, after a few steps, to the Passo San Jorio. From the pass you can enjoy an amazing panoramic view that spans from the Alto Lario to Valtellina, Lake Maggiore, Swiss Alps, Monte Rosa and the Matterhorn.
Not far from the pass is the small Church of San Jorio (2040 m), dedicated to the hermit monk.
Go back the same way you came up.

Rest stops
- Rifugio San Jorio (1980 m) – Loc. Germasino, Municipality of Gravedona ed Uniti - +39 331 7276587 - - Open from mid-June to mid-September every day, from mid-September to late-October only on Saturdays and Sundays

The road leading to the Rifugio Il Giovo can also be travelled by car, even if the road surface is not in perfect condition (a four-wheel-drive is recommended). The route from the refuge to Passo San Jorio can only be accessed on foot, and takes about 1 hour. Considering the duration and the modest difference in height (300 m), the route from the Rifugio Il Giovo to the Pass is also suitable for families with children.
In winter, the road may be covered in snow or ice, therefore we highly recommend that you park at Bocchetta di Germasino and continue on foot.

Check the weather forecast before starting your hike


Starting point Bocchetta di Germasino - GRAVEDONA ED UNITI
Arrival point Passo Sant'Jorio
Maximum altitude 2014 m
Height difference 800 m
Length 20 km
Duration 3h20 for the ascent
Difficulty Medium difficulty
Type of terrain Asphalted and dirt road
Recommended period May - October