From Gravedona ed Uniti to Domaso and back again

From Gravedona ed Uniti to Domaso and back again

Domaso | Gravedona ed Uniti up to 500 m 5-10 Km 1-2 hours

How to get there
How to get to the lakeside of Gravedona ed Uniti by car: drive along the SS340 Regina state road until you arrive at Gravedona ed Uniti. Turn left (for those coming from Dongo, turn right) at the traffic lights and follow the signs for S. Maria del Tiglio and the Tourist Office. At the roundabout, take the first exit on the right and continue for about 200 m until you come to a free parking area on the right side of the road (if it is full, there are some other parking spaces 100 m on the left).
You can also reach Gravedona ed Uniti by bus, with the C10 Como-Menaggio-Colico Line operated by the ASF Autolinee Bus Service (we recommend you get off at the Piazza San Rocco stop) and by boat with the Navigazione Laghi-Lago di Como Rapid Service.

A short and pleasant walk that goes from Gravedona ed Uniti through urban streets and mule tracks to Domaso, offering a beautiful view of the Alto Lario (Upper Lake Area). From Domaso, follow the peaceful lakeside promenade to go back to the lakeside promenade of Gravedona ed Uniti. Considering the duration and modest difference in height (200 m), the route is also suitable for families with children.

Before starting the route, it is worth visiting the Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio, a Romanesque masterpiece located in front of the parking lot. After which, go back down the road you took to the roundabout and continue straight along the lakefront of Gravedona ed Uniti. Pass the “imbarcadero” (boat station) until you arrive at Piazza Mazzini, then follow the signs for Castello. Take Via Castello, which goes through the oldest part of Gravedona ed Uniti and leads to a beautiful panoramic view of the lake and village. Proceed on the left towards Via Volta, turn right and then turn left into a narrow street that leads to the Regina State Road. Cross the road (be careful of traffic) and then take Via Dosi and Segna. Go up until you reach a crossroads with a sign indicating “Sentiero del Giubileo 2000/Via Pessina” and turn right into Via Pessina. At the next crossroads take the old mule track to Segna, on the right. After the first bend, pass under the road that climbs up from Gravedona ed Uniti to Peglio and Dosso del Liro. Continue up a steep path and then pass under the road again, just after the hydroelectric pipeline. At the end of the climb, turn right and go through the hamlet of Moglio, past a small chapel to reach the asphalt road, where you turn right. After a couple of sharp turns you come to the small village of Segna (390 m), continue until you reach the last houses and the washhouse. Continue along a picturesque cart road for about 100 m and then take a partly hidden path on the right that passes through vineyards with a splendid panoramic view of the Alto Lario. The mule track, with steep sections, leads to Pozzolo (310 m), a hamlet of Domaso, and continues on the left to the historical centre of the town. Descend to Piazza Acone where the road from Domaso arrives, and follow it for about 100 m and then, in front of Villa Garovet, take the old paved mule track on the right in the direction of Domaso. At the crossroads, continue down the same track on the right. At the end of the descent, turn left and then right to reach Piazzetta Leonardo Feloy. From here, go straight along Via Regina until you arrive at the state road. Cross it and then go right to reach the small pier. Just past the Domaso boat station, take the beautiful lakeside promenade on the left that leads back to Gravedona ed Uniti. After passing the Hotel Regina, turn right and climb up the steep Via Sorriso until you reach the Regina State Road. Turn left and continue on the sidewalk to Palazzo Gallio, then turn left downhill until you reach the lakeside promenade of Gravedona ed Uniti.

The route is simple but has a few short steep sections (be careful if the surface is wet).


Starting point Lakeside road - GRAVEDONA ED UNITI
Arrival point Lakeside road - GRAVEDONA ED UNITI
Maximum altitude 390 m
Height difference 200 m
Length 8 km
Duration 2h
Difficulty Easy
Type of terrain Asphalted road, mule track and trail
Recommended period All year round