Colico up to 500 m up to 5 Km 1-2 hours

An easy loop trail that leads us to rediscover some characteristic angles within the village of Villatico; testimonies of a rural past of which it is still possible to see significant traces. The route connects with a stretch of the Sentiero del Viandante (Path of the Wanderer), between the Perlino and Inganna streams, along which you’ll find the church of St. Rocco, following along until you come to the location Acqua la Fevra before descending back to Villatico.

Beginning from behind the Villatico church, take Via Asilo, until you come to a junction with Via Fontana, passing under the stone arch. At the public fountain, turn right and a little further, to the intersection with Via Calchera, then go left uphill. On the left you can see an interesting building, now partly deserted, known as “Convent”. At the next junction (house number 25) continue on the right; later the slightly uphill road becomes a dirt road. After about 300 meters, at the intersection turn right again. Remain to the right for the following two forks (alongside house number 8). From here continue on the wider path that leads to the driveway with concrete bottom (house number 15). Proceed straight until you reach Posallo (towards CAI Sentiero dei Torrenti), where it meets the river Perlino (425 m): do not cross the river because the route continues uphill on the left of the weir along the Sentiero del Viandante (signposted). The first stretch is a bumpy dirt road, though then improves, passing next to the church of St. Rocco (500 m), becoming a paved road which will take you downhill to Acqua la Ferva (if you want to extend your walk, this is the start of the route # 2 “Rusico and Fontanedo”). At this intersection follow the dirt road downhill, between the picnic area and the Inganna stream.
On the right we find the remains of a votive chapel erected following a disastrous flood that miraculously spared the village of Villatico. Once you have arrived in front of a gate, turn left on the trail, continuing straight ahead also though the next junction with a paved road. An easy path leads on the asphalt of Via Pra la Vaca. At the second stop sign, turn left onto Via Bassana. At the intersection with Via Fontanedo cross over – going straight ahead (not downhill), passing the old Villatico dairy (‘latteria’) on the left andturn right in Vicolo Mulin. Continue downhill to return to the square of Villatico. At the ‘lavatoio’ (traditional wash house where women hand wash laundry) it is still possible to observe a part of the hydraulic system of the canal miller, which until recently still drove the wheel of the nearby mill. The existence of this mill, which today unfortunately remains structurally precarious, was documented since 1627.
It is possible to visit the St. Rocco Church during weekends in July and August thanks to a group of dedicated volunteers.

(Text from the Brochure "Colico Outdoor")


Starting point Villatico Church - COLICO
Arrival point Villatico Church - COLICO
Minimum altitude 288 m
Maximum altitude 500 m
Length 5 Km
Duration 2h
Difficulty Easy
Recommended period All year round