La Corvegia

La Corvegia

Gera Lario | Montemezzo over 1000 m 2-4 hours

Gera Lario - Montemezzo - Montalto.

With good snow conditions you can start with the skis from about 1000 meters altitude. At first follow the road and with some short-cuts through the pastures, you reach Alpe Piazza (1265 m). Cross some groves, then follow straight the ridge S-SE that with a sequence of bumps, some of them quite steep, leads to the Foresummit. Usually you can leave your skis here and by following an easy ridge, you reach the altitude 2282m called “The Corvegia”.
The descent follows the same route and given the exposure, it normally offers nice skiing on spring snow.

Bring the crampons

Check the weather forecast before starting your skiing.
Take with you the avalanche safety equipment: shovel, transceiver and probe. If you don’t know how to use them ask to the Mountain Guides.


Starting point Montalto (990 m)
Arrival point La Corvegia (2282 m)
Height difference 1290 m
Duration 3h30
Difficulty Average skier
Orientation South South East