End of WWII Museum

End of WWII Museum

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The Manzi Palace was therefore the stage of momentous historic events and is now the evocative and ideal setting for their commemoration in a museum. And thus Dongo’s innovative End of WWII Museum was born: a virtual and interactive journey into the depths of one of the most controversial pages of Italian history. 
Through the exposure of original relics, documentary evidence and witness accounts, new archive footage and engaging re-enactments, the exhibition invites the public to step onto the stage of history. 
Advanced multimedia technology thrusts visitors into the tragic all-Italian war of Liberation fought by the Resistance movement on Lake Como as in the whole of Italy. The visitors will be able, in this way, to experience the capture and execution of Mussolini, dramatic end of twenty years Italian Fascism.
Until 1995, Palazzo Manzi was home to the Como Resistance Museum, organized and run with dedication by the eponymous Associazione Museo della Resistenza Comasca of Dongo. The museum featured relics, photographs, historical documents and informative displays on the Resistance movement of lake Como, with a special focus on the events that occurred in Dongo and its surrounds.
This new multimedia exhibition builds on the legacy of that simple museum, preserving a rich and important heritage of memoirs and documents at risk of being lost forever.
The exhibition takes place in the ground floor rooms of the historic Palazzo Manzi: a multimedia narration which involves the visitors in an interesting frame of memoirs and tales. Video projections and soundscapes bring back to life the heroes of the Resistance and the defeated in an immersive experience designed to engage and inform people of all ages.

The seven Rooms of the museum are organized in this way:
Room 1 - The days of liberation
Room 2 - Events in Dongo
Room 3 - The years of Resistance
Room 4 - The Red and the Black
Room 5 - A community of Resistance: Fireplace stories
Room 6 - The War beyond Dongo - The end of the war on the Lake
Room 7 - Fragments of Liberation - The Last Gunshots
(from the web site www.museofineguerradongo.it)

Opening hours: 
From Tuesday to Sunday: 10 a.m.-1 p.m./3 p.m.-6 p.m.
Last admission 30 minutes before closing time. 
From November to March the Museum opens on request for groups. 

Adults: € 5.00
Kids 12-18 years: € 3.00
Seniors (over 65 years): € 3.00
Children up to 11 years and disabled people: free entrance