Passo San Jorio

Passo San Jorio

Dongo | Garzeno | Gravedona ed Uniti MTB Cross Country over 1000 over 20 Km

An historical path from Dongo climbs up to the Swiss-Italian border, as far as the old barracks of Guardia di Finanza, once a crucial place to fight against smuggling. Ride on smooth slopes, mostly tarmaced, with only one spurt after a few kilometres, up to a locality called Bocchetta, where the road becomes unpaved. Go through Valley Albano until you reach the Swiss border, where you will find a small icy water fountain. Here enjoy the silence of the landscape all around you.

- Alternative A (20 Km): This is perhaps one of the most difficult and exciting tours in Alto Lago, suitable only for real expert mountain bikers. At the Giovo hut the itinerary leaves the unpaved road to follow a military mule track that crosses Brenzeglio and brings you up to Garzeno. At the top of the mountain you can see the original trenches, used by the Italian soldiers during World War I. We remind you again that only skilled bikers can ride along this difficult path.
- Alternative B (23 Km): It is a very pleasant and enjoyable downhill road with only some steep slopes, smooth and absolutely safe, 100% vehicular, partly unpaved and partly tarmaced. The dense vegetation is various, pine, beech and chestnut trees, and it will make the way even more relaxing. This is a highly recommended itinerary.


Starting point DONGO
Arrival point Passo San Jorio
Minimum altitude 210 m
Maximum altitude 1980 m
Height difference 1770 m
Length 26 Km for the ascent
Difficulty Difficult
Uphill terrain 60% asphalted road - 40% dirt road
Downhill terrain 50% asphalted road - 50% dirt road

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