Lakeside walk from Domaso to Dongo

Lakeside walk from Domaso to Dongo

Domaso | Dongo | Gravedona ed Uniti up to 500 m up to 5 Km 1-2 hours

How to get there
How to get to the Domaso lakeside promenade by car: drive along the SS340 Regina State Road to Domaso, until you reach the boat station, park your car in the parking area next to the pier or in the free car park situated 20 m on the right or left side of the road in the direction of Gravedona ed Uniti (before the boat station if you are coming from Gravedona ed Uniti).

A charming and quiet lakeside walk from Domaso to Dongo, walking along the lakeside promenade of Gravedona ed Uniti. Considering the duration and the modest difference in height, the route is suitable for families with children.

Just past the Domaso Imbarcadero (Boat Station), take the beautiful lakeside promenade to the left, which will lead you to Gravedona ed Uniti in about 30 minutes. After the Hotel Regina, turn right and walk up along the steep Via Sorriso to reach the Regina state road. Turn left and continue along the sidewalk to Palazzo Gallio, turn left again and head down to the lakeside promenade of Gravedona ed Uniti.
Walk along the lakeside promenade, pass Piazza Trieste where the Infopoint of Gravedona ed Uniti is located, and continue straight along Via Roma. After 200 m, you reach the Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio and the Parish Church of San Vincenzo, continue until you arrive at the bridge over the river Liro. Cross the bridge and turn left into a large car park, follow the river to its mouth, where the path bends right. The beautiful lakeside walk from Gravedona ed Uniti to Dongo begins here, with lots of benches and picnic areas along the way.
You will also come across several camping areas and some beautiful beaches.
First you arrive at the Parish Church of Santo Stefano and shortly after the charming Spiaggia delle Gere, where the bike/pedestrian track ends. Take Via Cimitero on the right, follow the Albano stream until you come to the Regina state road. Turn left, cross the road and then cross the bridge over the Albano stream. Continue straight on and take Via Tre Pievi and then Via Roma, reaching Piazza Paracchini where Palazzo Manzi stands in the heart of Dongo.


Starting point Lakeside road - DOMASO
Arrival point Paracchini Square - DONGO
Length 5 Km
Duration 1h30 (one way)
Difficulty Easy
Type of terrain Dirt and asphalted road
Recommended period All year round