Lakeside walk from Sorico to Domaso

Lakeside walk from Sorico to Domaso

Domaso | Gera Lario | Sorico up to 500 m 5-10 Km 1-2 hours

How to get there
How to get to Sorico by car: take the SS340 Regina state road to Sorico, turn into Piazza Cesare Battisti (in front of the Church of Santo Stefano) and park your car.

A fascinating route by the lake that connects the famous tourist resorts of Sorico and Domaso, passing through Gera Lario. Given the duration and almost zero difference in height, the walk is also recommended for families with children.

Take Via C. Battisti which is located behind Piazza C. Battisti (follow the directions to “Hotel Europa” and “Au Lac de Como”) until you arrive at an intersection, continue on the right following the signs for the bike/pedestrian path and past a tennis court. Walk along the banks of the river Mera, which after a few hundred meters flows into Lake Como, until you arrive at the Porto di Gera Lario. Cross the square in front of the marina, take Via Pontile to the Navigazione Lago di Como Boat Station, now in disuse. When you reach the beach near the mouth of the San Vincenzo torrent, follow the slightly uphill stretch of water until you get to the Regina state road. Turn left, cross the bridge and then immediately turn left into Via San Vincenzo, coasting along the river again, but downhill. Turn right and follow the long stretch on the edge of the lake until you reach the entrance of Domaso, where you can enjoy an amazing view of the lake.
Go to the “Canottieri Domaso”, pass a restaurant and the square in front of the Marina di Domaso (follow the road signs). Once you reach the terrace of the “Ristorante dei Pescatori” continue straight along the track that runs along the lake and the beach of Domaso, one of the longest and most beautiful beaches in all the Lario area, and a great place to practice numerous water sports.
The bike/pedestrian track ends in front of the Domaso hostel, near the mouth of the river Livo. To reach the Domaso lakefront, turn right and follow the road leading to the Regina state road. Turn left, cross the bridge and the square with the Domaso Infopoint, after a few steps, you will arrive at the Domaso lakefront.

From the centre of Sorico, you can extend your walk by continuing to the bike/pedestrian path near the Ponte del Passo. At the Via C. Battisti intersection, turn left, following the signs depicting the walk. From Piazza C. Battisti, you can shorten the route by taking Via Torre and then turning left onto the path. The route continues for about 2 km, along the river Mera, before ending a few metres from the bridge and the road junction to Dascio


Starting point Cesare Battisti Square - SORICO
Arrival point Lakeside road - DOMASO
Height difference 15 m
Length 8 Km
Duration 1h45
Difficulty Easy
Type of terrain Dirt track, asphalted road
Recommended period All year round