Bellano occupies a splendid position on the eastern side of Lake Como.
From the suggestive lakefront, through one of the many alleys that pop out on the lake, visitors can reach the “via Manzoni”. This street leads to the picturesque Church of “Santa Marta” that hosts a precious wooden assembly of nine life-size sculptures depicting the Deposition from the Cross. Other art treasures to discover in Bellano are the parish Church dedicated to saints Nazaro and Celso, the deconsecrated Church of San Nicolao and the elegant Sanctuary of Lezzeno.
Orrido, a natural gorge created, over the centuries, by the flowing waters of the River Pioverna should not be missed. The foaming waterfalls, the smooth walls and the dug from the rock grottos represent a particularly suggestive spectacle. A platform allows visitors to admire a uniquely beautiful place.

Through a process of erosion, which lasted 15 million years, this natural gorge was formed by the melted glacial waters of the Pioverna stream. Flowing through the valley, it eroded the stone producing a deep ravine in the mountain between Taceno (located in Valsassina) and Bellano. Narrow platforms fixed in the rock allow visitors to enter the gorge and experience a breathtaking view of the sparkling waters, smooth stones, rich vegetation and caves, especially when the water levels are high during the rainy periods. The power of the water, over the past centuries, was deployed by local industries processing ores and hides subsequently followed by spinneries.
“The House of Devil” is a tower built on a high rock over the stream Pioverna. Its name is linked to mythological characters whose pictures decorate the wall of the last floor and evoke suggestive sceneries.

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