Giovo Pass - Bocchetta di Sommafiume - Sommafiume Lakes

Giovo Pass - Bocchetta di Sommafiume - Sommafiume Lakes

Dongo | Garzeno | Gravedona ed Uniti up to 500 m over 10 Km 1-2 hours

How to get there
The itinerary departs from the Giovo pass (1706m), where there is a water fountain.

The route is quite easy and sets out on a path that is easy to follow. It enables you to go right to the head of the Valle Albano, crossing the meadows and shrub lands that characterise it. Around 15 minutes after setting out from the starting point (1100m from the Giovo pass) you will reach a spring known as the “Fonte del cavallante” [Horse-keeper’s spring], which is marked by a metal sign.
The path has slight ups and downs and crosses several streams, which are collected in small valleys and cut across the southern slopes of the valley. If you continue for another 20 minutes (2200m from the Passo del Giovo pass) the path intersects the detour to the mountain pasture of Nembruno Superiore.
After about another 25 minutes it crosses another mountain pasture where there is a drinking trough. The trail then continues gently downhill until it reaches the course of the Albano river, close to which the track forks and leads, on the right, to the Bocchetta di Sommafiume mountain pass and, on the left, to the Sommafiume shelter. Turning right, the trail continues uphill and, after about 15 minutes (500 metres from the fork) arrives at a valley in which you can see some small pools, which are important breeding areas for amphibians. Continuing on the hike, after around 20 minutes you will reach the fork for the Cima Verta mountain. From here, the path to the right will take you to the Bocchetta di Sommafiume pass (1925m) within a few minutes.
From the Bocchetta di Sommafiume pass you can enjoy a spectacular panoramic view, which overlooks the whole Albano valley on one side and the Morobbia valley, in Swiss territory, on the other side. As you continue up for around 100 metres along the ridge towards the Cima Pomodoro mountain peak you can catch a glimpse of the small Sommafiume lakes, accessible via a thin track that crosses the high meadow areas, around 10 minutes from the pass.
The return journey takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Rest stops
- Rifugio Sommafiume (1784 m) – Loc. Sommafiume, Municipality of Gravedona ed Uniti – For bookings and keys: Pasticceria Tre Archi - Piazza Matteri, Dongo - +39 0344 80465 - Open from June to the end of October 

Easy path that is unchallenging during the initial stretch, with a more challenging ascent during the final stretch (approximately 160-metre altitude difference over around 1 kilometre).

Check the weather forecast before starting your hike

(Text by Istituto Oikos)


Starting point Giovo Pass
Arrival point Sommafiume lakes
Maximum altitude 1928 m
Height difference 329 m
Length 12 Km
Duration 1h50 for the ascent
Difficulty Medium difficulty
Recommended period April - November

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