Wandering through the "strecc" of Domaso

Wandering through the "strecc" of Domaso

Domaso up to 5 Km up to 1 hour

This itinerary is proposed as a guide to discover the historic centre of Domaso by walking through its narrow cobbled alleys referred to in the local dialect as “strecc.” The houses in this area are painted in bright colours and bedecked with frescoes depicting the ancient customs and history of the village.

The starting point is the InfoPoint of Domaso, located in Via Garibaldi a few meters from the chapel with the statue of Maria Addolorata. Head left and walk along Via Garibaldi for about 100 metres, cross the road and you will reach the beautiful Villa Camilla 1. This 17th century villa, now the Town Hall, has a neoclassical structure with frescoed ceilings. Walk across (NB: presence of gravel paths) the beautiful park with artificial tuff caves and many varieties of camellias, cedars and conifers until you reach Piazza Trento.
Continue for a few meters, and on the left you can admire the ancient Church of the Friars dedicated to Sant’Antonio di Padova 2, which once belonged to the larger complex of the Convent of the Capuchin Friars, now lost.
Enter Via San Giovanni, on the left of the church and walk a few metres to the Church of St John the Baptist 3, which also belonged to the ancient convent. Today the church is deconsecrated and houses a private residence. In summer, the owners occasionally leave the main door open so visitors can admire the interior, which contains valuable frescoes depicting the life of St John the Baptist. Also of note is the 13th century bell tower, owned by the municipality.
Continue and turn into Via Venini, the first small street on your left. Walk down the street and admire the ancient Villa Venini on the right, and on the opposite side, the beautiful garden with camellias, now privately owned. Continue until you reach the ancient Trattoria Ruffino (closed) which has a fresco depicting the profession of fishermen, very important in the ancient Domasina tradition, and Sant’Abbondio.
Continue straight until you arrive at Piazza Gazzaniga, turn right into Via Garibaldi and then turn into the first alley on the right, Via Aquila. Continue to the crossroads with Via Regina, turn right and proceed along the street. Worth noting inside the “streccia” perpendicular to Via Regina, Vicolo Paradiso, is a fresco depicting a Madonna enthroned with child and Saint. After a few steps, on the right, there is a fresco of the Annunciation on a private house facing Piazza Feloi 4. This small square was very important in the past because it was the original seat of the Municipality, as well as an ancient trading place with the Municipality of Livo, so much so that it was called Piazza della Legna due to the exchanges that took place there.
Walk along the entire length of Via Regina until you arrive at the Parish Church of San Bartolomeo 5, built in the thirteenth century but remodelled in the late Baroque period. Its interior houses many interesting works of art.
Pass the parish church and continue straight along Via Mulini. Keep left on the paved road, cross the bend and take the first junction on the left that leads to Via Oliva, a characteristic paved street that overlooks the ancient village. Proceed along the entire length of the street until you reach three steps, pass them and keep to the right. From here, the paved road becomes cobbled. After about 300 metres, on the right, you can admire a fresco of a Madonna and Child. At the end of the street, turn left and go down to Via Sariolo where, at the crossroads with Via Mascaslano, there are two frescoes: one with a Madonna and Child and the other with the Saints Sebastiano and Antonio. An old spinning mill is also found here, which has now fallen into disuse.
Continue along Via Sariolo and at the end you will come to Piazza Ghislanzoni 6, in front of the lake. On the left there are several small shops and bars, while on the right there is a charming portico, also home to several shops and restaurants. Turn right and at the end of the portico cross the Regina State Road on one of the last pedestrian crossings. From here, you can admire the area of the Navigation Dock and the Molo 7 in the evocative atmosphere of the Domaso shores. Go back to Via Garibaldi and walk along the lakeside promenade to return to the InfoPoint.

Optional extension (1 Km - 15 minutes on foot)
On summer days, weather permitting, you can head to the beautiful waterfalls, a great destination for a pleasant day out. Start from the Church of San Bartolomeo (5) and head straight along Via Mulini. Continue for 100 metres, keeping right on a cobbled road, until you reach the bridge that crosses the river Livo. Cross the bridge and after 35 meters on the right go down a little staircase that leads to the river banks. Continue up the river for about 200 metres until you reach the waterfalls. Please note that this route is not suitable for people with reduced mobility.

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Starting point Infopoint Domaso
Arrival point Infopoint Domaso
Length 3 Km
Duration 50 minutes on foot without stopping