Gravedona ed Uniti: from lake to mountain

Gravedona ed Uniti: from lake to mountain

Garzeno | Gravedona ed Uniti | Stazzona over 10 Km 2-4 hours

The itinerary is aimed at discovering the main monuments and points of interest of the entire municipal territory of Gravedona ed Uniti. Starting from the lakeside promenade, you will visit the historic centres of Consiglio di Rumo, Brenzio and Germasino, before reaching the locality of Sant'Anna.

The itinerary starts from the InfoPoint of Gravedona ed Uniti, located in Piazza Trieste in front of the small marina. Walk along Via Roma for about 300 metres until you reach the so-called Sacred Area 1, where the Church of S. Maria del Tiglio stands. This unique masterpiece of the Romanesque architectural style of Como was built in the second half of the 12th century on the remains of a baptistery and the parish church of S. Vincenzo. It was erected in 1050 on top of an early Christian building whose crypt dedicated to S. Antonio can still be seen today.
Continue along Via Roma and then turn left into Viale Scuri. Travel down the entire length of the road following the lake until you reach the municipal beach of Gravedona ed Uniti, in Serenella 2. There are lots of sports and recreational activities in this area such as a soccer field, tennis courts, athletics track, multifunctional centre, sailing club, swimming pools and various cycling and walking tracks.
From the beach, go up Viale Scuri along the Liro river, cross it and continue straight for about 300 metres along Via alla Poncia. At the crossroads, turn left and then keep right (be careful, the road is narrow in some points) until you reach the second crossroads. Turn right and continue straight ahead until you reach the Regina State Road, cross it and go up Via Don Pietro Pedroli. After about 300 meters, on the right, you can admire the Church of S. Gregorio Magno 3, the Parish Church of Consiglio di Rumo. Of Romanesque origin, it preserves several 15th century frescoes and the presbytery decorated in 1659 by Carlo Pozzo di Valsolda. Proceed up Via Prestino, after a few bends (be careful, narrow road) you reach the village of Taiana, continue for about 1 km and at the first crossroads turn left, following the signs for Brenzio. After about 550 metres on the left stands the panoramic Church of St John the Baptist 4 with its massive bell tower. The church already existed in the 15th century and has 17th century frescoes by Fiammenghino and Isidoro Bianchi. Continue uphill and after a few meters you will reach the historic centre of Brenzio, filled with ancient houses and narrow alleys, rich portals and wash houses.
Continue to the left along Via alla Chiesa, a flat road, where you can admire a beautiful view of North Lake Como, which leads to the village of Stazzona (about 1.1 km). Here you can visit the Church of S. Giuliano 5, which dates back to the 15th century but was remodelled in the 17th century. Inside it preserves valuable frescoes by Fiammenghino.
Continue along Via alla Chiesa and at the junction take the road on the left. Go downhill until you get to the first crossroads, turn right onto the SP 45 and continue straight for another 1 km until you reach Germasino and the Church of SS. Donato and Clemente 6. Built between the 15th and 17th centuries, this sacred building houses several frescoes inside, including the Madonna and Child between the saints Donato and Clemente attributed to De Magistris. Proceed through the centre of Germasino, characterised by old houses with devotional frescoes. The village is rich in traditions and customs and is also remembered as the place where Mussolini spent his last night before being shot.
Go straight for about 650 metres, keep right at the fork and continue until you get to the hairpin bend. Take the road on the left. After about 450 meters you will reach the centre of Garzeno and the square of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul 7. Of ancient origins but drastically renovated in the 15th and 17th centuries, it includes paintings by Fiammenghino, De Magistris and Recchi.
Take the road back to the first hairpin bend, and then the first road on the left (Via S. Rocco). Continue uphill for about 4 km along the road that leads to Giovo. After passing through the Albano Valley you will reach the locality of Sant’Anna 8, where the Church of the same name (15th century) stands. After a few meters you arrive at the Lake Como Adventure Park, an adventure park suitable for the whole family and ideal to spend a day in contact with nature, having fun and testing your courage.

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Starting point Infopoint Gravedona ed Uniti
Arrival point Locality of Sant'Anna
Height difference 750 m
Length 14,2 Km
Duration 4h on foot without stopping
1h50 by bike